Which plan would be best for me?
If you want to run an application that would be easier to install on a Windows VM, then. Windows is the best fit for you!
However, if you're an experienced Linux user who likes hands-on opportunities, then. Feel free to use Linux.
Windows or Linux, both have fair amount of RAM, Storage, and CPU usage!

Install/reinstall a new operating system on a VPS?
Step 1. Navigate to our Virtual Private Server Control Panel ( https://kvm.needtobepro.com:4083/ ) and sign in. An email has been sent to you upon purchase with the VPS's login credentials.
Step 2. On the following screen, you will see a list of all of your Virtual Private Servers. Select a server of choice to reinstall, and click ont he right arrow.
Step 3. Click on the install button, and choose an operating system you would like to install/reinstall.
Step 4. Enter a new root password that you would use to login via ssh, and click "Reinstall".
Step 5. The progress of the installation can be viewed by navigating to "Tasks" on the left side.

How can I sign in to my VPS via SSH?
You may sign in to your Virtual Private Server using PuTTY or MobaXTerm like software. Or for a single use (This will not save your ssh password), please follow the step below.
On your computer, please open Command Prompt and execute: ssh root@IP-Address, enter the password and you should be in!


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