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If you would like to know - how to upgrade an order, how to add credit funds, or even what is our refund policy? You're in the right place. Welcome to knowledgebase!

Active Articles:

1. What is your refund policy?

2. How to upgrade an order? (If eligible)

3. How to add credit funds to my account?


Minecraft Support:

Would you like help setting up a ModPack, Network, or even a single Plugin? Not a problem! Our knowledgebase guides are at your disposal. Needing help with something else, sure thing. Contact us through the client area or discord!

Active Articles:

1. Can I add additional ports to my Minecraft Server?

2. Am I able to run Modded Minecraft Servers?

3. What is the CPU percentage limit on my server?


Discord-Bot Hosting:

Discord Bot Hosting shouldn't be courageous to set up and run! All you should be able to do is select, upload, and start. With NeedToBePro, it's just that simple! Let us know if we can help!

Active Articles:

1. What can I run on bot-hosting server?

2. How do I change my bot's startup command?

3. Can I run multiple bots on the same server?



Source-Games Hosting should be as easy as the click of a button! Hosting Source-Games with NeedToBePro it is! Welcome!

Active Articles:

1. Is it possible to add additional ports to the server?

2. Am I able to change source game server?


Hosting made simple! See it for yourself with our free trials... Find out more here or Just "Read More" about it!

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1. Intern & Partnership Applications

2. How to get a free 3 day trial?


Virtual Private Servers:

Find out what plan is best for you, how to install/reinstall an operating system, and more all in one place!

Active Articles:

1. Which plan would be best for me?

2. Install/reinstall a new operating system on a VPS?

3. How can I sign in to my VPS via SSH?


Welcome to NeedToBePro LLC, founded by Robert I., Anthony M., and Brandon K., where we prioritize the needs of gamers like you. We understand the importance of top-tier performance. By utilizing our advanced technology and maintaining an impressive 99% uptime, we ensure a seamless server experience, avoiding any disruptions. As a company dedicated to continuous improvement, we greatly appreciate your insights, as they play a vital role in enhancing our services. Feel free to share your suggestions and feedback to further elevate your gaming experience with us.