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Billing FAQ

1. What is our refund policy?

2. How to upgarde an order?

3. How to add credit funds to my account?

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Web Hosting FAQ

1. How to install WordPress onto my website?

2. Assign SSL Certificate to my domain.

3. What are your domain nameservers?

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General FAQ

1. Intern & Partnership Applications.

2. On which CPU precessor are your nodes predominantly equipped?

3. Can I switch from another hosting provider?

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Virtual Private Servers FAQ

1. Which plan would be best for me?

2. Installing/Reinstalling a new Operating System on an VPS?

3. How may I sign in to my VPS via SSH?

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Premium VPS FAQ

1. Why should I choose Premium VPS Plans?

2. What distinguishes shared hosting from dedicated hosting?

3. Do you offer Windows Licensing Keys?

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Game Sever Hosting FAQ

1. After submitting the payment, how do I access the panel to start customizing my game server?

2. How can I allocate extra game ports to my server?

3. Can I upgrade my server to a higher specification model?

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